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Katie is the director of Harmonic Hypnobirthing; Holistic birth education and doula services and an ABFE practitioner.

Following on from Katie’s excellent article in our March 2017 issue on using Bush Essences in her work as a doula, Katie shares with us three distinct and clever uses of Bush Essences with babies to assist them at a time when they are vulnerable and unable to communicate with us in a way that we understand exactly what they need!”

1. Katie’s case study on her baby Reggie

My first baby Reggie, between his birth and the age of ten months, was what I would describe as a gorgeous but very often crotchety baby. I remember my husband returning home from work some days in the early months and asking if our little boy was ever happy?

He would only last for short amounts of time looking and behaving contentedly before he would suddenly begin to look worried and become upset.

After determining through various medical and holistic practitioners that there was no physical reasons why he would become upset so easily and frequently, I turned to the Bush Flower Essences for support. I used the following remedies successfully at different times in his first year to shift him into happier and balanced states.

  • Sunshine Wattle when I felt he was lacking in joy and looking bleak.
  • Black-Eyed Susan when I felt he was upset due to feeling impatient about something such as food and milk!
  • Paw Paw if we were out and about and I felt he was experiencing any overwhelm or too much sensory information was impacting on him.
  • Wild Potato Bush when I felt he seemed restricted in his body.
  • On days when I just couldn’t seem to work out why he was unhappy I would give him a dose of Banksia Robur or some Little Flannel Flower which would often shift his mood quite quickly!

He started to walk at around ten months and at that time he had a natural shift into more joy and contentment as he was able to move his body freely and quickly to wherever he needed to be. I then used the Bush Flowers for his emotional states less frequently from 1-2 years of age. I was so glad to have been supported with them when he was so very little and often seemed out of sorts.

2. Case Study on baby Cooper by Katie Kempster

Cooper’s mother had an intuitive sense that her little baby was being visited by a disincarnate spirit at night when he slept. He slept in his own room away from his parents and from the ages of around 6-12 months, his mother would often wake up to find him sitting and interacting with an invisible presence in the room. The presence made the mother feel uneasy and after finding him one evening wrapped up when she distinctly remembered not wrapping him, she sought my support and wanted to use the Bush Flower Essences to protect and sanctify Cooper’s energetic field and the physical space of the apartment. I let his mother know that this can be a common experience in many young children and especially the current generation of crystal children. I explained that babies and small children are operating from a more subconscious level of being, meaning that because their physical needs are being catered for, their higher chakras and auric fields are wide open and more easily able to connect with other dimensions of reality and indeed sometimes with earth bound spirits.

I suggested a Bush Flower Essence combination to support and offer auric protection for Cooper and also a few procedures to clear and command their space at home. Cooper was given a combination of Angelsword, Fringed Violet, Green Spider Orchid and Boab in a water only dose bottle. His mother also used the Space Clearing mist and commanded that the entity leave their space and her baby alone. In a matter of no more than a week using these the mother reported no further sleep disturbances and noted that the energy of the home was completely different and that she felt much more at ease.

3. Case Study on baby Joel by Katie Kempster

Joel was 18 months old and experiencing some consistent and harrowing night terrors. I prescribed the Emergency Essence combination to be used acutely during the terrors on the back of his neck, and also a combination of Grey Spider flower, Green Spider Orchid, Fringed Violet and Sundew as a dose remedy. The night terrors immediately lessened in their intensity and frequency. If the terrors started to return for any reason, Joel’s mother simply repeated the protocol.

A couple of other essences I have used for emotional states in babies over the years have included; Monga Waratah where mums have had to return to work to encourage independence and security in the baby; Freshwater Mangrove and Boronia to encourage trying new foods and breaking obsessive habits.