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Australian Bush Flower Essence Level 3 Workshop Experience – Dog Rose Essence Video

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Once a year in Australia I conduct, during the peak flowering period, the Australian Bush Flower Essence three day Level 3 workshop.  The main focus and highlight of this workshop is that the group all make a Bush Essence mother tincture together. Invariably each year it is a different Essence.

In the days leading up to the workshop I visit all the sites where we are going to do bush walks in order to see what’s out in flower. This is when I receive a very strong guidance as to what Essence the group should make. This choice reflects a theme that is relevant to the group as a whole.

For the people attending, their workshop actually starts about one week prior to the course commencing. During this time the majority of participants will be having experiences directly linked to the very Essence that we will be making during the workshop. There is such a magical energy and synchronicity that occurs when making a Flower Essence. My main motivation for creating this workshop was to help other people also have this magical experience. So many of the participants are amazed and astounded as to how the Essence-making can have such a deep impact on them days before the physical process of making it.

Of course sometimes the participants can have the positive experience of the Essence – not always the negative one.

Dog Rose Essence

This year the Essence we created was Dog Rose. A number of the people from the workshop mentioned to me that they had found themselves in situations in the prior week, and some in situations that arose shortly afterwards, where they needed to respond in a slightly bolder and more courageous way than they ever had previously. A number had also been going through their own fears and anxieties and could directly relate to the need for Dog Rose to help them deal with these issues.

Australian Bush Flower essence Dog rose


New Insights into Dog Rose Essence

These are some of the new insights I had whilst working with Dog Rose.

If you look at the image of the flowers in the bowl whilst preparing the Essence, you will notice that the younger flowers have very prominent yellow stamens – they go darker as the flower ages. Whilst meditating with the flower I was repeatedly given the phrase “You are yellow, you are yellow”. When I was growing up this was a derogatory term that was given to people who were fearful and indicated that they were cowards. The inside colour of the petals is very pale and white, like an ashen face when someone is fearful or afraid. The buds are a very deep magenta colour but as the petals open this magenta becomes much lighter. This was pointed out to me in my meditation with the flower to show that fear is learnt in children and not a natural state.

Doctrine of Signatures

The concept of the Doctrine of Signatures (DOS) is an important one in both herbal medicine and Flower Essences and goes back thousands of years.  Paracelsus, one of the early, prominent Flower Essence proponents, popularised this term in the 17th century. It is where the shape, colour and location where the plant grows, are all clues that nature gives to reveal the emotional healing quality inherent in the plant.

In my workshops I make a point of showing the DOS of each flower in the Bush Essence range and it is an important aspect of getting to know and understand the flower at a deep level. I have been working with Numerology for nearly forty years and apart from using it with every patient that I have ever treated, I find it invaluable in unlocking the DOS of the plant.

For example, Dog Rose normally has six petals, although occasionally seven or eight. The number six in Numerology is linked to the family and the home environment. With Dog Rose, the six petals indicates family.

Individuals who have a ruling number six can more frequently than other parents be overly protective of the family, in particular the children. This in turn can lead to anxiety and fearfulness developing in the children. Ruling sixes tend to be more anxious than other ruling numbers. Finally, in terms of DOS, the leaves are close together indicative of being able to provide support and strength – Dog Rose also has 6 leaves in a whorl running up and down its stem.

In the other videos in this edition of our magazine, I’ll be expounding on the DOS and new insights about the Essences featured.

Level 3 Workshop for 2017

australian bush flower essences workshop Level 3 participants

Australian Bush Flower Essences Level 3 Workshop 2016

The next Level 3 Workshop is scheduled for 30 September, 1 & 2 October 2017.
Please contact Sharon Montague at our offices on 02 9450 1388 or by email

Here are some of the testimonials we had from Level 3 participants:

I was amazed to hear information & stories directly from Ian. His wisdom, experience & insights into how the bush flowers evolved and are evolving is invaluable and fantastic.
Rebecca Camp, NSW

Invigorating, inspiring and uplifting.  Catherine Mead, NSW

This weekend is like a Spiritual top up!! Connecting to Nature, Self and others and drinking in Ian’s incredible stories and wisdom.  Caitlin Graham-Jones, VIC

What a wonderful experience to connect deeply to the flower (Dog Rose) and be in the bush like I have never before. Thank you Ian.  Julie Christie, NSW


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  1. MaryChan
    MaryChan says:

    I come from China. Fortunate to participate in this workshop. The Australian bush flowers are very tiny but powerful.When you stand on the ancient rock,it is like a strong heart.Very amazing!


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